Have you longed for a place of acceptance? People allowing you to be yourself? Forgiven is based on a network of women who have come together, asking little of each other, realizing the past has formed them but the future will release them from the secrets and mistakes. Ellen Anderson is the rock of faith, though her life will be shaken when her daughter is kidnapped. Beatrice, the widow, finds life goes on regardless of death or grief. Anne, divorced and alone, struggles full of fear, searching for peace and a way to reunite with her little boy. Harriet Becker has lived with a secret; she considers an unforgiven sin that has caused her to become a recluse from society. When the four women find their lives entwined rather than entangled, they find truth in the old saying, “Trouble shared is trouble halved.” Ellen’s faith becomes their creed. “Time may lead me nowhere, though I press on. My faith may break into pieces, but I know within my being, when I falter God is there.” Will each woman find peace? Does God have a plan for their lives? Will the friendship, that wonderful network of caring, last when a little girl is kidnapped?


God’s love shines through Ellen’s excitement as she dons the red dress won from the Bridal Shoppe. Daniel has invited all the ladies to attend Hutson’s Ball, but excitement dims as she recalls the animosity between their new neighbors Marigold and Harriet. While Anne’s ex-husband tries to ruin her life, Bitty is miserable because she and the chief of police have called it quits. But Ellen knows hearts are changing thanks to the work of the Holy Spirit. In spite of the women’s resolve to remain aloof, Ellen has faith Jesus can save them and God will keep them. If they could call a truce for one night and enjoy the ball, Ellen would be happy, but what happens is inevitable. Andrew shows up in a drunken stupor and confronts Anne about their son. From there it all becomes interesting as Harriet asserts authority and Bitty is stunned to see another woman on the arm of the chief of police. When Daniel is encountered by Madonna, his old girlfriend, Ellen knows no matter what happens God has a plan for each person. All the elements of God’s grace and forgiveness are seen in Forbidden through the changing of each of these women’s lives. One by one, Ellen knows the Lord will break them down-she only prays that He will do it gently.


In Forsaken, we see the changing lives of four women who have come together in friendship, mainly due to Ellen’s faith in God. When Anne’s son is injured by a hit-and-run driver, Ellen’s daughter, Ruthie, receives a message she feels she must deliver, but will the doctors believe a child hears from God? Devastated over their son in a coma, Anne and her estranged husband must find ground to struggle through this overwhelming situation.
Harriet’s love for the child allows her to set aside the fact she has found Marigold to be the daughter she allowed into adoption over twenty years ago. Now the two sit in a hospital room while Harriet wonders how to approach her. Marigold has her own problems; pregnant with complications she cannot reveal because everyone would know she had married Matthew, and his parents are dead set against her.
Life has become nothing but trial and hardship; Bitty’s chief of police has been injured in a drug bust that left one officer dead. Andrew Graves was the suspect’s Pr man. Had it not been for one man seeing something worth saving in Andrew, he would be in prison. Now his boss is on trial. Just when they think it can’t get much worse, Ellen’s ex-husband decides if Daniel Gates can’t come up with a certain amount of money, he will declare his right as Ruthie’s father, gain custody, and move Ruthie to Florida.
Will Ellen’s undying faith in the God she believes in sustain her or will she fall?


Ellen’s witness has aided and abetted Anne in a life of change. The mousey, easily intimidated Anne has become a beauty with firm convictions. She no longer allows her ex-husband, Andrew, to walk all over her. In fact, her firmness has made Andrew believe there might be something to being a Christian after all, but he’s still checking it out. Bitty struggled through her first husband’s illness and death and vowed she would never remarry, but the chief of police broke her resolve. Chester Mayfield is in the throes of an illness no one saw coming. It is a life or death situation and no one knows who will win.

Then there’s Harriet and her daughter, Marigold, learning to accept each other. It isn’t easy. Harriet may have appeared to be a recluse for many years, but now that she has rejoined society, the group of friends realize Harriet is a woman of substance and retains authority. Everyone needs a friend like Harriet! But Harriet’s reach does not faze Marigold, whose personality is as strong as her mother’s. A few tangles lead to an understanding, and the two learn to operate together. Marigold takes on Haley, a girl from prison, and each woman deals with the man in her life. It happens that Marigold and Ellen have what some might call, ‘ the cream of the crop’.

Maybe Matt and Dan can show Andrew the way. But who will show the way to the new girl, Haley, who is fresh out of prison? Andrew says it takes a con to know one, and he is studying this girl with the rebellious nature. Only time will tell if Haley Marie Gipson lasts on the outside.
The judge is looking over Andrew’s shoulder, and U.S. Marshall Bodie is keeping tabs on Haley and her parents, Dorothy and Harper Gipson. Remember, too, little Ruthie has a gift God will use in their lives, when evil seems to run rampant, God shines through this small child’s love and eases the hurt in Haley.


You know death happens but when it hits your circle of friends, you have to stop and take stock of where your own life is going. What could you have foreseen that would have made a difference?You’ve always heard there was more to life after death, but now you question the validity. Sure, there are stories of those who died and returned to give a glimpse of what’s on the other side, but do you have enough faith and trust in God to believe in everything you read or hear?

Life has worn this group of friends thin. From legal accusations to marriages fraught with problems, Forgotten addresses their strengths and weaknesses. Dan’s world is rocked when Ellen is diagnosed with cancer, but this couple is grounded in God’s word. Andrew’s old boss is determined to make him pay for past mistakes. There’s a price on Andrew’s head and his wife and child are in danger. Marigold and Matt’s wedding vows are questioned when he leaves Marigold due to his father’s illness to help out on the family farm. Then his mother sets Matt up with an old girlfriend. Have they forgotten their wedding vows? Resentment, distrust and stubbornness reign.

It is the heartbreak Chester and Bitty face that brings them all to their knees. Divine intervention is needed. Does God hear their prayers? One of thier own is dying.


Can a small town minister handle the secrets of his congregation? What do you do when you realize you are harboring a criminal? Is there really a peace that passes understanding when you give your heart to the Lord? Is marriage really a sacred trust that no man should put asunder? These are but a few of the questions, they were asking, what will they ask now?

Levi Merkal’s congregation watches as his wife leaves him during Revival. What has he done? Will the congregation forgive his transgression? What if he did nothing at all…who is his judge and jury? It’s a never ending circle of life in small town U.S.A. where soldiers of the cross try to make a difference, but his calling here seems beset by the devil’s works and when the devil takes hold, can the love of a pastor, the innocence of a gifted child and the integrity of a few honest men and women make a difference?